Our Values

Traditional manufacturing, rich in history

As experts in this industry, we know that the quality and character of handmade bricks cannot be achieved through mass production.

We thrive on the little imperfections that are created during our manufacturing processes which make our bricks truly unique.

Our manufacturing techniques perfectly replicate those used through the centuries; we strive for all our bricks to reach the same level of quality and appearance.



Integral to our business is the empowerment of ethical
supply chains.

Imperial Bricks’ products are made ethically to the highest international
standards, confirmed by independent ethical audits and robust product
testing by recognised third-party bodies. We therefore only partner with
manufacturers who meet our ethical policies and business practices as
outlined in The Imperial Standard.

Working closely with manufacturers, we continuously strive to develop new ways of incorporating materials such as recycled glass, paper and other waste materials into manufacturing processes without compromising the quality of our products.


 With over 150 years’ collective experience in the traditional brick industry, we’re committed to providing all of our customers with the highest quality service and advice.

Your project becomes our project, your build becomes our build. No matter what industry you work within, or stage of your project you may be at, we’ll provide you with our professional expertise and knowledge to help you find the perfect products to complete your vision.