Create custom blends with dual-faced bricks

6 March 2022 - News

Our dual-faced brick range offers better flexibility and more opportunities to create unique brick blends.

3 machine made bricks stacked on top of one another. The top brick has light weathering on the face and header, the middle brick is plain, and the bottom brick has darker weathering.

The concept of dual-faced bricks is unique, they feature one clean/plain face and header, while the reverse side is weathered. This innovative design allows bricks to be laid using either face, or a combination of both. So you have the flexibility to choose all plain, all weathered or a custom combination of both to suit your desired brickwork aesthetic.

Our range of dual-faced options gives customers more choice while simultaneously reducing storage, handling and transport, as one brick type can provide multiple blending options.

A row of 3 images of dual faced bricks in a wall, showing different ways to lay dual faced bricks. The first on the left shows all plain (unweathered) bricks, the second image in the middle shows blended (mixed plain and weathered) bricks, and the third image on the right shows all weathered bricks.

Opting to use dual-faced bricks for your project gives you the ability to tailor the finished look to match existing period or weathered brickwork, or to harmonise with the surrounding architecture. Additionally, they are a cost effective and sustainable alternative to using reclaimed bricks, which frequently fail to meet modern standards for frost resistance or compressive strength, and can be costly and hard to source in large quantities. By choosing dual-faced bricks, you can avoid these common challenges and enjoy a more efficient on-site building process.

Many of our most popular bricks, which include both handmade and machine-made options, are now available with dual-faces as a standard feature in both imperial and metric sizes. Whether you require uniform brickwork that retains a new appearance, or a more weathered, rustic look, these bricks are the solution to your needs.

All bricks are available to sample by submitting an online request or visiting your local stocking builders merchants.