Bespoke Brick Blending & Weathering

In many cases of brick sourcing, the desired scenario is to find a readily available brick perfectly suited to your extension, renovation or new build project. However each building project is unique and you may come across occasions where it can problematic finding a suitable brick.

For these occasions, we offer in-house bespoke brick blending and custom brick weathering to create tailor-made solutions.


Brick Blending

Brick blending allows you to select two or more brick types and merge them to create a new bespoke combination of bricks. Different brick colours or textures can be mixed in varying percentages and are carefully hand-picked and packed to ensure they are perfectly tailored to your project requirements.

This process means a wide variety of brick amalgamations are available for designers, specifiers and homeowners requiring something truly unique.


Brick Blend Case Study

Large residential development built using Urban Weathered and Farmhouse Orange handmade bricks.

Langton Priory is a residential dwelling in Guildford which required a sympathetic development based around the original priory building dating back to the eighteenth century. Due to being located in a conservation area, the new brickwork needed to reflect the history of the priory and buildings in the surrounding area.

Each on their own, our Urban Weathered and Farmhouse Orange bricks didn’t quite achieve the aesthetic appearance the developers needed, so we proceeded to create a new blend of the two. The result is a visually appealing masonry which is in keeping with the conservation demands.


Brick Weathering

The natural weathering of bricks to existing facades is commonplace in areas where buildings have been exposed to the elements for extended periods of time. Especially true for older buildings with imperial size bricks, where the clay has often darkened and can have a sooted appearance.

When sourcing bricks, existing weathering can present difficulties. To remedy this, we offer a custom brick weathering solution. Any of our bricks can be further aged and weathered using specialised techniques to suit your individual project.


Brick Weathering Case Study

Brickwork of Upnor Castle project showing custom weathered bricks alongside image of full building.

Upnor Castle in Kent is a Grade I Listed Elizabethan artillery fort built during the 1500’s. With sections of the outer boundary wall requiring significant repair, our Oxford Yellow Multi Waterstruck bricks were a good match in colour, size and texture but looked too clean against the centuries old walled area. We successfully applied a custom weathering process which significantly aged the bricks and provided an indistinguishable weathered match.


How To Enquire

We simply require a good quality image of existing brickwork to generate a blend or weathered match, however on some occasions we may need to send one of our experts to view the site.

Blending and weathering our bricks is often a core element of our free brick matching service. Simply fill in our brick match form and upload your images.

We specialise in providing solutions to problems associated with sourcing aged or reclaimed bricks and strive to offer a perfect match to existing brickwork every time.

If you would like to discuss your requirements with us directly, please call 01746 330 994 to speak to one of our experts.