‘Look for the crown’ – we’re rolling out branded bricks

9 September 2021 - News

We’re introducing a unique crown stamp to the frog (also known as the indentation) of our bricks throughout 2021 and 2022.

Red handmade brick with Imperial Bricks' crown logo stamped into the frog indentation.

The new stamp means customers can easily identify our products and be assured of the ethical and quality manufacturing that comes with our brand.

If you’ve purchased some of our most popular brick ranges, you may have already seen the exclusive crown stamp. Some of the first products to feature the new branding are part of our ‘Rural Range’, which includes Imperial Blend, Country Blend, Olde Reclamation Shire, Farmhouse Orange, Urban Weathered and Tudor Multi.

With an increasing demand for our products, we’re rolling the new branding out across our entire brick portfolio to protect the authenticity of our high quality handmade, extruded and pressed bricks.

For now, you may still see some unbranded bricks as we filter through existing stock, but we aim to be fully branded during the course of 2022.

Interested in seeing our brick quality for yourself? Our bricks can be sampled via your local merchants, and can also be requested online.

To be sure you’re buying bricks that are made to the highest quality and ethical manufacturing standards – look for the crown.