Cast Corbel House

Project Scope: Refurbishment of Victorian property

Project Industry: Extension/Renovation, Residential

Characterful extension and renovation creates a functional living space.

This magnificent five bedroom detached Victorian home, was originally constructed with poor craftsmanship, and required a full renovation and extension to transform the house into a working and contemporary living space for a growing family.

The design by Grafted breathes new life into the property, featuring a stylish open plan kitchen and dining area. The architecture of this home creates an impressive blend of modern and Victorian elements including timber, glass, and handcrafted coal-fired bricks.

To ensure a seamless match to the original building, our Soft Red handmade bricks were selected, proving to be an ideal match.

The bricks feature characterful multi red shades which instantly enhances the property’s curb appeal.

List of awards to date: Norfolk Design + Craftsmanship Awards 2023

Image credits: FRENCH+TYE

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