Scotch and Giscol bricks are the favoured replica of originals

2 December 2021 - News

Weathered Original Scotch Pre War (formerly known as Original Scotch Common) and Original Giscol Common are an excellent option for restoration and new build projects where replicas of the traditional bricks need to be procured in volume.

A wall of Original Giscol Common extruded bricks shown next to Weathered Scotch Pre War extruded bricks.

Both bricks were historically used in industrial towns in Scotland and the North of England and had not previously been replicated until we introduced our alternatives during 2019.

The Original Giscol Common is a rough-cast, wirecut brick with a ‘burnt’ look that features coal spotting, distinct banding and natural colour variation formed during firing, which are characteristics of the traditional manufacturing methods. This process has been faithfully recreated to achieve an authentic reproduction of the original bricks, historically made by the Glasgow Iron and Steel Company.

Our Weathered Original Scotch Pre War has similar character, with less coal spotting. Unlike the Giscol, it has a unique ‘dual-faced’ design, where each brick has one tonally weathered face and header, and the reverse side is left plain, which allows for the creation of custom blends on site – choose from all plain, all weathered or a custom blend of the two.

The Scotch bricks are available in a true 73mm imperial size, and the Giscol Commons in a 73mm hybrid size which is beneficial for matching up to modern blocks and lintels.

With a consistent and sustainable supply, these bricks have been continually favoured since their launch, and continue to be the go-to choice for architects, developers, merchants, contractors and homeowners alike.

Samples of both bricks can be ordered online or obtained via your local builders merchants.

These bricks fill a gap in the market that’s existed for many years. Homeowners, builders and developers in the North of England have had limited options for refurbishing, extending or building new properties in keeping with the local architecture, as the historic factory ceased production a long time ago and suitable reclaims are scarce.
We can offer a ready and sustainable supply of Scotch and Giscol bricks – a real opportunity for merchants and developers.

Gary Dawber, Imperial Bricks Area Sales Manager for the North