Bespoke Blending and Weathering


When our readily available brick options aren’t quite up to the job, we’ll step in and deliver a bespoke alternative that is.

Brick Matching

Brick matching is at our core – it’s how we develop all of our brick ranges – by blending, weathering and ageing new bricks, to mirror those which are old and hard to source.

We’ve spent years developing regional brick collections to suit each area of the UK, so you can trust in our knowledge and experience to provide the same for you.

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Brick Finishing

Our bricks are manufactured by partner factories in Europe and Asia. However, we have in-house bespoke processing and finishing facilities here at our head office in the Shropshire countryside.

The most common circumstances when you will need our bespoke blending and weathering service are when you’re:

  • Matching existing bricks
  • Satisfying planning and conservation officers

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So how do we do it?

Colour blending

We take different colour bricks – usually from different ranges – and mix them together to create a new brick colour blend.


Bricks become weathered due to decades of withstanding the great British weather.

We apply a weathering solution to the faces of bricks in varying strengths.


Bricks can be ‘aged’ by adding mortar to them or tumbling them.

Both of these mimics the look of reclaimed bricks which are salvaged from demolition sites. They’re often slightly rounded and little rough round the edges.


Sometimes the colour of our bricks just isn’t quite right, so we apply a tinting solution to make sure it is.

Depending on what you need to achieve, one or more of these techniques will be used to ensure we supply you with the perfect bricks for the job.

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