New website showcases stunning Imperial Brick Tiles range

10 February 2020 - News

Our exclusive range of feature wall Brick Tiles can now be seen in their full glory at

The new website showcases the full range of products available, which have proven popular with interior designers and homeowners alike since their launch.

Developed exclusively by Imperial Bricks, our unique product range is perfect for designers, decorators and DIY enthusiasts who want to create stand-out feature walls quickly and easily.

The range features slips cut from full-sized bricks made in the traditional way; custom-made Glazed Brick Tiles in on-trend sea blues, greens, reds and greys; and Feature Wall Wood Panels.

The clean and intuitive design showcases inspirational customer projects to capture the visitor’s imagination.

A handy coverage calculator, installation instructions, and an FAQ section make it easy to measure up, cost and discover how to fit the tiles and panels. A brochure and samples – crucial for any design decision – can be ordered online.

Custom brick tiles can also be requested from our range of over 50 handmade, wirecut and pressed bricks – the widest range available from any UK supplier.

Experience the new website at, email [email protected] or call 01746 330994 for more details.

Our main series of seven different brick tiles are cut from full, imperial-sized bricks with options ranging from the yellow handmade Victorian London Stock and the burnt-orange Victorian Pressed, to the metallic blue Designer Linear each tile has a unique and authentic character. Our Glazed Tiles, meanwhile, aren’t cut from bricks, but rather individually made and covered with a specialist coating before being fired in the kilns. And our Wood Panels have a weathered, rustic finish (from natural to antique black) that brings out the natural beauty of the material.

Mark Heaton, Sales Manager for Imperial Brick Tiles.