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What are brick slips and how are they used?

Brick slips, or brick tiles, are thin slices of brick that are cut to a thickness of around 20mm. These thin, lightweight slices of brick are used as tiles to replicate the look of genuine, exposed brickwork.

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Everything you need to know about imperial brick sizes

The difference between metric and imperial size bricks, why brick sizes are important, and how to source them for your next project.

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Need help with brick matching? Let us do the hard work for you

We offer a free brick matching service where our team of experts will suggest the most suitable brick to match your existing brickwork.

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Brick Tinting - The Solution to a Common Problem

You don't have to live with the wrong colour bricks just because they've been laid.  Brick tinting can drastically change the colour of bricks and mortar without the need to rebuild.

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