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Need help with brick matching? Let us do the hard work for you

We offer a free brick matching service where our team of experts will suggest the most suitable brick to match your existing brickwork.

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Brick Tinting - The Solution to a Common Problem

You don't have to live with the wrong colour bricks just because they've been laid.  Brick tinting can drastically change the colour of bricks and mortar without the need to rebuild.

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Bespoke Brick Blending & Weathering

When finding bricks to perfectly match your extension, renovation or new build project is proving impossible, the options of bespoke brick blending and custom brick weathering are available to create tailor-made solutions.

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Dimensions, Size and Tolerance Guidance

In accordance with BS EN771-1, manufacturers have a duty to declare length, width and height dimensions of a clay masonry unit in millimetres, in that order.

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